After completing two years of University at Henley Business School in Reading, Amy-Jayne talks to us about her year out in industry with Dick Lovett.

“Ever since I started University at Reading, I knew I wanted to do a four year course with a year out in industry to gain some real life experience and put the knowledge I learned through studying into practice.”

“From a young age, the automotive industry has always been of interest to me, from watching Formula 1 to visiting Dick Lovett’s showrooms at the weekends with my Dad. Therefore when choosing a placement, the first company I thought of was Dick Lovett - being a company my family has been customers of since it first opened in Malborough.”

“Dick Lovett appealed to me as it is a family-run business; a business which my family have always received outstanding service from. I knew by choosing Dick Lovett that I would be looked after, trained well and gain the best experience possible. This experience will undoubtedly improve my prospects, both in terms of graduating with my Business and Management degree, but also when looking for my first job post-university. Prospective employers are always looking for people with valuable experience.”

“Since the start of my placement earlier this summer, the Marketing Team have been enthusiastic, helpful and made the first half of my year extremely enjoyable and I feel very privileged to have the chance to work for such a prestigious and successful business.”

“From never stepping foot into the world of marketing before, I now feel that I am up-to-speed with helping my other colleagues and undertaking exciting projects of my own, such as the Dick Lovett Ferrari Track Day! This was a great achievement for me and thoroughly enjoyable. It’s not every day you get to organise something as special as this!”

“Not only am I lucky enough to work in such a welcoming environment, I have also had the outstanding opportunity to work for the best sports car brands in the world, such as Ferrari, Porsche and many others. With my placement being split into two locations (Dick Lovett MINI and Dick Lovett Ferrari Maserati) I have gained wider knowledge with two vastly different brands, which has been extremely beneficial. Not only that, but I have had the opportunity to do work for the other brands, such as working at the new Porsche 911 launches.”

“I would highly recommend Dick Lovett to anyone looking for a new job. If you’re determined, motivated and driven to learn more, this is the place for you. You’ll be part of a great team (who enjoy a good laugh) and make some great friends, not just in the workplace.”

Amy-Jayne Batt
Group Marketing Assistant (Placement)
Dick Lovett Group

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