Meet Glen, our Used Car Controller at Porsche Centre Bristol, and discover how his determined approach has seen him rise through the ranks.

Glen is a long-standing member of the team, having started working for the Dick Lovett Group in 2006.

With a strong passion for vehicles, Glen qualified as a Technician at the age of 19 before embarking upon his Sales career.

Before the world of Porsche, Glen worked at Superbikes Wales, and then a multi-franchised dealership.

Ten years on, Glen is now based at Porsche Centre Bristol as our Used Car Controller, having previously worked as a Sales Executive at our Porsche Centre in Cardiff before moving over the bridge in 2011.

During his time with us, Glen appeared on a television show called ‘Go Hard or Go Home’, whereby he successfully completed 'Gaelforce West'; an endurance race combining running, cycling and kayaking over a stretch of 67 km - and all with a broken foot!  That's determination! 

Glen says: 

"The word determination could be substituted for stupidity with regards to me completing Gaelforce West! I knew something was wrong with my foot going round the course, but I had no idea how wrong! Having got so far into the race, I didn't want to give up and drop out. So I just gritted my teeth and got on with it!"

"I've always been determined to achieve and to try and better myself. Hence why I switched to the world of vehicle sales from being a Technician. Then I worked my way up from a multi-franchised dealership to the world of Porsche when I became a Sales Executive at Porsche Centre Cardiff. And now, I'm proud to say I am a Porsche Used Car Controller."

Glen sees his future with Dick Lovett Porsche and it is his determination that will help him to continue to progress and achieve with the Group. 

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