Jacqui talks about how she creates a 'First Class' service with her Reception Team.

Coming from a background managing cabin crews with one of the world’s most prestigious airlines, there is not much you could teach Jacqui about customer service at the highest level. Dick Lovett’s Reception Teams have benefitted from her experience and passion for providing exceptional customer service.

Jacqui first started with the Dick Lovett Group after seeing an advert in the Bristol evening post for a receptionist at Chrysler Jeep and Porsche in Bristol:

The Dealership was in Westbury and was a very small business; it was a very different role to what I have now. In fact I could have been doing anything from making tea and coffee to answering the phone, taking customers out for a test drive or building a car as their Administrator!”

After finding her feet on land with this job, Jacqui applied for a role outside of the motor industry to try something different:

“When I tendered my resignation, you can imagine my surprise when I received a call from Peter Lovett saying how sorry he was to lose me and if I ever wanted to come back to Dick Lovett, to just drop him a line. I didn’t think he even knew who I was...”

It wasn’t long before Jacqui did a U-turn back into the car industry. The new BMW Bristol dealership was being built at Cribbs Causeway, so Jacqui took up the offer to return to Dick Lovett as their Head of Reception.

Jacqui knew how to deliver a first class experience to customers.

“My ethos is to look after customers as Peter Lovett looks after us. I remember in the very early days, the new BMW Bristol dealership had just opened and a poor member of staff reversed a car straight through one of the showroom windows when Peter was stood talking next to me."

"I must admit, my heart stopped waiting for his reaction... He rushed over to the car and asked him "Are you ok?". He replied saying he was fine and that he was ever so sorry for the damage caused to the window, to which Peter replied "Please don't worry about it - accidents happen." From that moment on I knew I was with the right company for me."

While working at BMW, Jacqui was awarded a prize as part of the BMW 'Shining Light' Challenge which highlights great work from team members who consistently go above and beyond in their roles.

Jacqui has since gone on to share her experience with another brand within the Dick Lovett group, when she made the move to Aston Martin Bristol when it was built in 2016. Now working as the Showroom Manager for one of the most prestigious brands that Dick Lovett represent, Jacqui still has the simple strategy to deliver excellent service:

 “You really have to love meeting people; you have got to be interested in people and want to help them sort out any issue in any way that you can. We make sure that our customers see how we care; that is what makes us different."

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