Meet University Graduate, James. Discover how he created his very own job opportunity at Dick Lovett!

"When I was younger, I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career, so I did some A levels as that bought me two more years of thinking time. When I finished school and still couldn’t decide on a career path, I went to University as that bought me a further four years of thinking time!"

"The degree that I studied stipulated that I had to undertake a one year work placement. Unfortunately by this point I still hadn’t really cemented a career path for myself; that being said, I was (and still am) passionate about cars and Dick Lovett sold and serviced by far the nicest cars in the area."

"I realised that I would need to live back at home with my parents for my year's placement as I was a poor student (I promise I didn't spend all of my student loan in the union...), so I set my sights on a placement with Dick Lovett."  

"I wrote letters to Lynn, our Managing Director, and Sarah, our Personnel Manager, asking them if I could have 10 minutes of their time to persuade them that I was worth a punt. Luckily for me, Sarah wrote back and said that she would at least see me, albeit year-long placements were not something that Dick Lovett tended to do.  After meeting with Sarah, I realised that Dick Lovett was very much the kind of company I could see myself working for! The only slight problem I faced was that they still weren’t sure about offering a year-long placement..."

"Luckily for me, after spending a few weeks harassing Sarah over the phone, we agreed that it would be mutually beneficial for me to undertake a placement within the IT Department.  I thoroughly enjoyed my placement with Dick Lovett and learned a huge amount, both about IT and business in general. The experience very much shaped me as a person and I'd finally found a direction for my career!"

"Once I graduated from University, I was honoured to be offered a full time position back within the IT Department at Dick Lovett, which I gladly accepted without hesitation. I spent three years working in the IT Department, learning as much about the role and the company as I could."

"In 2012, I was fortunate enough to get promoted to IT and Telecommunications Manager for the Group. This job is incredibly varied and it allows me to interact with almost every member of staff within the Group. With the business expanding in the future, the number of opportunities that arise will only increase and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dick Lovett to anybody thinking of a career change."

James Williams
IT and Telecommunications Manager
Dick Lovett Group

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