A unique skill set led us to create a unique role; Mark is the first ever Technical Service Advisor at Dick Lovett.

Mark joined BMW Bristol in 2003 as a Service Technician, having previously served his apprenticeship at a small business in Bristol. He says:

“I remember thinking, 'Oh my God, look at the size of this place!' when I came to the interview. I didn’t think I would fit in or enjoy it... how wrong I was! It did take me a little while to settle in as previously I had only worked in a small workshop with a team of four other people, but the camaraderie in this workshop was so good I stayed. The brand, the training and the people make it a great place to work."

Mark worked hard in his quest to become a Senior Technician; he passed all his exams with flying colours and soon became a mentor to a number of apprentices... one of whom even went on to be 'Apprentice of the Year' for BMW UK. It was very clear to see that Mark had a gift in being able to convey how things worked on these complex vehicles in a simple to understand way. He is always willing to help out and offer advice to Technicians joining the business, passing on his experience of the brand.

Mark loves sharing his knowledge and one day he was called out to the Front Service Desk to help a Service Advisor explain a problem to a customer. He resolved the issue and the customer went away happy... This scenario happened again and again, and it soon became clear that Mark had created his own unique role in advising customers alongside his role of Senior Vehicle Technician.

“I love dealing with difficult situations and being able to explain things in different ways – all our customers are different and one size does not fit all. Every day presents a different challenge, but I know the time I take with customers is appreciated and that is what makes it all worthwhile. I love the variety of my role and no two days are ever the same. I can be working in the workshop, be on the front line, helping Sales with technical queries or just talking to customers. I do need to keep a few plates spinning, but that is what makes it rewarding."     

As such,  we were delighted to promote Mark to the position of 'Technical Service Advisor' in 2014 - a role he very much created for himself!  

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