Inside Personnel at Dick Lovett

"There are many times in Personnel that we say the people we want to work for us are not always those looking for a job… which is exactly what happened to me!"

"Prior to joining Dick Lovett, I was a Personnel Manager with one of the top food retailers in the UK and enjoying my role. Periodically, I would check the Personnel industry magazines for things like updates to Employment Law and in doing so I came across those immortal words "It's all about people...". They certainly made me think – was my current role actually about people or was it moving towards being all about numbers? I couldn’t get the advert out of my head, and whilst not even having an active CV, I found myself writing to the Managing Director stating I would like to be considered for the role of Personnel Manager."

"Having met a number of people throughout the selection process, I began to realise what a special place this is – it really did seem to be all about people, the more people I met the more I wanted to be a part of their team."

"I was delighted to receive the phone call from Lynn, our Managing Director, offering me the role and I can only say it was the best move I have ever made! Don’t get me wrong, I loved my previous role and company, however Dick Lovett has allowed me to grow and develop beyond my dreams. I have been allowed to try things, offer ideas and help shape the business."

"Working in what is perceived to be a man’s world, it is thrilling and refreshing to be a permanent member of the Group's Management Board."

"One of my first quick wins was to establish a new appraisal system; we introduced a bonus for our Managers for completing staff reviews on time so long as they were to a good standard - I read every single one to make sure that they are! This ensures that all of our staff now have at least two opportunities a year to spend some quality time with their Manager. This alongside our staff surveys, our focus on training and development, internal promotions and a constant review of our benefits and processes, shows that it really is all about people."

"It is hard for people to believe me when I say that our people are our unique selling point - but they are! If you really have a passion for customer service, for working for an outstanding business and joining a great team of people then please don’t hesitate to contact me!"

Sarah Turner
Head of Personnel
Dick Lovett

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